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Thank you for your interest in Keeler Gardens.

We hope you will find here all that you are looking for to improve the health and sustainability of your urban community, with environmental experiences and a connection to nature. 

A picture of Keeler Gardens’ new pollinator habitat, taken from the curb. In the foreground is the habitat, planted with natives and studded with raised stepping stones. Keeler Gardens’ front garden and front steps are visible in the back right.
Pollinator Habitat

Relax, Refresh, Grow & Be Inspired

Do you need a place to relax, refresh, grow, and be inspired? Visit our nature space, home to a 1000-square foot Illinois native pollinator habitat, community Cats at Work, and honey beehives. With over 200 cultivars in multiple garden settings, our chief horticultural specialist can find you a special spot. 

Educational Programs

Does your school or group need an educational program? Take advantage of programs, events, and presentations either at our site or yours. You can even customize a program for a specific group or topic. 

Two community members are bending down to inspect pepper and tomato plants in Keeler Gardens. There are a few red tomatoes and peppers visible, and the background is full of lush plants and flowers, along with two white plastic chairs.
Community members in the garden


Are you interested in all things environmentalLearn how to be a certified native wildlife habitat, a monarch waystation, and how rebuilding soil to improve our food system is something everyone can do. 

High school intern seen at the back of Keeler Gardens working on placing the rain barrels as he braves the snow and keeps working.
Eric working on an irrigation project

Science Connections

And since nature connections build foundational skills, improve our physical and cognitive health, and support strong, safe communities you are well on your way to something extraordinary 

Learn More

If you are interested in research on why connecting with nature is so important, you will find that at Biophilia and ResourcesIf you need more About Us”, here is a link to a relatively comprehensive documentAnd if you want to get involved, go to Participate“, there is a one-page document summarizing our mission active programs, along with information on our Internship program. 

Keeler Gardens was a stop on the Old Irving Park Garden Walk.

Connect With Nature