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Spread the Word – Biophilia


An abundance of white and yellow flowers.
An abundance of white and yellow flowers.

Here at Keeler Gardens we are spreading the word, the word being biophilia. Are you familiar with the term biophilia? Biophilia has been defined as our innate desire to connect with the natural world, and as the love of living things. We believe that love, of all living things around us, plants from the ground to towering trees and wildlife from crickets to the birds in the sky, offers something so special and important. You can’t find that connection anywhere if you are not exposed to those living things. So we are starting with our Old Irving Park community, embracing the natural world and strengthening that connection as our community grows.

We hope your visit will inspire you to bring something green into your space, indoor or out.

Let Us Inspire You

So what motivates you, getting your hands dirty, the latest research, or just a stunning view? You will find all of that here. On our Participate page you’ll find ways that you can join and learn right along with us. Visit our calendar to see what events we have planned and when we are around to chat. If you want even more details about the benefits of embracing nature, check out our Biophilia page. We are all part of the same community so tell us about yourselves. We would love to feature you on our blog page Bio-Philes, and you can find a lot of great information there, too.

Keeler Gardens

And for the stunning views you’ll find pictures from Keeler Gardens throughout this site. You’ll find images taken by some of our photographers, of other gardens, and you’ll find a lot of beautiful images of flora, fauna, and “wildlife” to inspire you.

We are happy to share our images with photo credit and a link back to an image’s page. Please contact us for approval at Ed@KeelerGardens.com.

Thanks for visiting and we will see you soon.