Bloomin’ Bucks

Brent and Becky’s & Keeler Gardens Keeler Gardens is officially part of the Bloomin’ Bucks fundraiser at Brent and Becky’s. This is a where GG, our lead horticultural specialist, orders many of the bulbs for Keeler Gardens. If you place your bulb order through this link and choose Keeler Gardens,…

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Photos From the April Instameet

Taking Pictures in the Rain (Press Play if you would like a little music while you read) After a week of unseasonably warm, Chicago, April weather, Mother Nature delivered a traditional April day: rainy and cold. But that did not stop the photographers. Taking pictures, drinking tea, more pictures, and…

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Discussing Biophilic Design Principles

A lush garden in Texas with petunias, daylilies, and kale in the foreground with a pergola framing a mother and teenage son on a bench swing hung from the structure. The path in front of them is walled with mixed annual display beds accenting perennial lavender, catmint, and boxwood, as they wind to the right holding red feather celosia as a feature with a lush grassy lawn opening up to evergreens in a woodland garden in the distance.

We spent some time this past week on the east coast getting to know quite a few individuals and groups that are working on ways to incorporate nature into their lives. We also got a lot of really good recommendations, one of which lead us to a detailed article discussing…

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