Flower Arrangements at Keeler Gardens

Flowers and Foliage on Saturday, March 10, 2018 at 1:00 p.m.

Join us at Keeler Gardens for an afternoon of flowers and foliage. We will have an abundance of dried flowers and branches for you to choose from, like eucalyptus, yarrow, birch, dogwood, and some unique accents, too.

Groups of eucalyptus branches dyed in rich colors of mocha latte, burnt auburn, and deep iced blue.
Bunches of dried eucalyptus in colorful choices
Two bunches of yarrow flowers, dried and dyed a perfect candy-apple red sit in front of thick weathered grape “vine” branches.
Bunches of minute yarrow flowers form a stunning red cluster

Although there is no formal registration, please do RSVP as we only can accommodate 20 participants, and consider a suggested donation of $20.

One large star frame lightly wrapped with vines accompanies three smaller stars, wrapped densely, all sparkling with festive lime-green glitter.
Star shaped accents covered in bright lime-green glitter

RSVP at our Facebook Event Page here. Also make sure to follow @KeelerGardens on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates on this event and other ways to connect with nature.

A multitude of accents are presented for a natural display including dried lotus flower seed pods, pine cones, and faux pomegranate.
A myriad of seed pods and other accents, made from lotus flowers, conifers, and more.

And here is a little example, one of several arrangements we put together that you can see at Backlot Coffee in Old Irving Park.

We look forward to seeing you on March 10 at Keeler Gardens!

A sweet cluster of dried botanicals including green yarrow, chocolate-colored eucalyptus, yellow flower buttons, and green-flocked birch branches, all in a miniature off-white rippled vase.
A small combination of dried botanicals

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