Good Luck Gina!

Gina To Host Live Green News Show!

Gina Iliopoulos is the new host of GreenMark Pr's new on line news show. Here we see her enjoying a cup of tea at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort. The GreenMark Squiggle is in the upper right hand corner letting us know it is official.

We are going to see our very own Gina Iliopoulos (GG), a lot more now, just not here on  We wish her the best of luck in her new venture as host of GreenMark PR’s LIVE news show.  Don’t worry, you’ll still see her around in the garden.

You can now find Keeler Gardens on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as @keelergardens.

You can now follow Gina personally on Facebook and Twitter (@Gina_Iliopoulos).  Her first broadcast is August 18th on the Firetalk platform.  Here is the link to the channel:  You can watch via this link and if you want to comment and participate make sure to log in.

By the way I’m Ed (xperientialEd) and I will be taking over the reigns of the website and social media.   Make sure to follow Keeler Gardens on your platform of choice and leave a comment below wishing Gina to “Break a Leg!”


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