Happy Holidays and Let’s Get Ready for Next Year

First of all I want to offer my wishes for a very Happy Holiday Season to everyone.

Once you’re back in the gardening mindset, it is time to review your garden journal from the past season and start thinking about your plans for the spring.  Some thoughts might be late winter pruning, dormant season disease and pest control, and early cleanup to make way for early bloomers like Lenten Rose and Snow Crocus.

As soon as you take your Christmas decorations down you can start working on next season’s gardening plans.  If you don’t have a journal from last season, all you need is a spiral notebook or a three-ring binder to start one today.  Include everything you already know about your garden and everything you want your garden to be.

Join us in the New Year for all kinds of ideas and exciting times in the garden!  Thanks for spending this past growing season with me and I look forward to hearing about everyone’s successes in the coming year.


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