Highland Park Garden Guild Presentation

We were honored by an invitation from the Highland Park Garden Guild to speak for their group this past week. We were so thrilled to be able to get the word out about Keeler Gardens, connecting with nature, and our new Pollinator Habitat. The group was such a pleasure to work with. They were interested, had excellent questions, and they themselves were already so well educated on green spaces, soil science, and supporting pollinators. Our presentation focused on what Keeler Gardens is doing in the community. Following are links to previous posts and resources on connecting with nature.

Gina stands at the front of a group of laddies that make up the Highland Park Garden Guild. Everyone is riveted as they all look at her.
Gina Speaking to the Highland Park Garden Guild


We spoke for quite a while about how we designed the pollinator habitat and the process for plant selection. We had some great references for them that we are including here in this post: high-value target plants for pollinators for dry, moist, and wet sites, along with our final design and plant list. We had a couple of previous posts about the making of the pollinator habitat you can find at the links above and here.

And we are very excited to include this group in our upcoming tour, In the spring of 2019, at the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival.

We want to thank the Highland Park Garden Guild for their sincere interest in our presentation, their hospitality, and for spreading the word about what we’re doing at Keeler Gardens. We look forward to working with them again in the future.

A group of ladies poses for a picture in a well appointed kitchen. On the island there is a bountiful display of food and beverage.
The Highland Park Garden Guild

Contact us if you would be interested in having Keeler Gardens be a guest speaker at your event.

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