Keeler Gardens Welcomes Interns From Chicago Tech Academy

Real-World Work Experience Internships


We are proud to welcome SIX interns from Chicago Tech Academy. Instead of us telling you about them and their school, we are going to let them tell you a little about themselves, the internship program, and Chicago Tech. So, without further ado, here is Eric to let you know a little bit about himself and Chi-Tech.

High school intern seen at the back of Keeler Gardens working on placing the rain barrels as he braves the snow and keeps working.
Eric working on irrigation project

My name is Eric and I am a senior at Chicago Tech. Currently I’m taking the school’s Introduction to Engineering class and a music class called Beginning Guitar. One thing I am hoping to get out of my internship at Keeler Gardens is to learn more about the basics of engineering. Another thing I enjoy doing at Keeler Gardens is inventory projects and the irrigation project.

Our school is Chicago Tech Academy. The school’s mission is to get all the students ready for college through four years of attendance. The school offers great clubs and very engaging classes. One club that really stands out to me personally is Young Men Leadership. The purpose of the club is to teach the young men how to be leaders and specifically leaders in the school. The school’s main focus is on technology. Our school is unique in that everything we do is Project-Based-Learning, with a strong, and deep educational foundation. Another great thing about Chicago Tech is it offers a great class called Entrepreneurship where they teach us as students to become business owners and to learn more about the different types of incomes in business.   Chicago Tech is very small compared to other high schools in Chicago, but that’s not such a bad thing because it gives the students more one on one time with teachers when they need the extra help after school or during class.

Frank, one of our Chi Tech Interns, takes a break to pose with Shadow, Shadow is a friendly Russian Blue that appreciates the extra attention.
Frank’s favorite part of his internship is the cats, specifically shadow.

My name is Frank, I’m a senior at Chicago Tech and have seen many students and teachers come and go throughout our school and I can honestly say it has been an honor to have been taught by great teachers and alongside other great, prosperous students. I cannot wait to graduate from our school, but I can say that I will miss going to school and seeing my favorite teachers and classmates. The things I like about my internship is that I am exploring Biology and Botany. The thing that I love about Keeler Gardens is that we have great cats to keep us company throughout the day.

In his blue sweatshirt our art intern takes out a pencil and focuses sketches new ideas for a Keeler Gardens logo. Some of his designs incorporate Keeler Gardens name into nature, like the branches of trees or in a flower bed.
Luis working on potential logos for Keeler Gardens.

My name is Luis. I’m a senior at Chicago Tech and I have attended for all four of my high school years. I am a contemporary artist. My favorite class is art. The reason I chose Keeler Gardens is because they have a lot of art projects to do and I can learn how to promote a business on social media. I want to learn more about how I can promote my original artwork.

Workman and intern look out french doors at Keeler Gardens. Workman is pointing up towards the needed repair and intern is looking and listening intently.
Keeler Garden’s Handyman Rob shows Cottrell next repair.

My name is Cottrell Hopson, I am a senior at Chicago Tech Academy. I like to try new things, that’s why I am interested in Keeler Gardens. They offer experiences that are completely new to me, like honing steel and organizing material. I also want to learn more about how plants grow.

My name is Andrew Gonzalez, I am a senior at Chicago Tech Academy. I love to play soccer, play my guitar, carve wood, work with my hands, and listen to and mix music. I intern at Keeler Gardens and one of the projects I will be working on is creating a blog post about the partners of Keeler Gardens.

Intern, Kaitlyn, poses for a pic in front of the camera where she is sitting at her Chrome book researching local partners for Keeler Gardens.
Kaitlyn takes a break from researching our partners.

My name is Kaitlyn, I’m a senior at Chicago Tech. I have had such a fast high school experience and I’m excited but in shock that this is my last year . Throughout high school I have had ups and downs and I did a lot of things that I never thought I would be interested in doing, like dissecting a pig or a frog, and learning about how to improve the environment. That part is related to my Internship because plants help the environments, I like my internship because it’s fun and we are learning about more than I thought we would and I can’t wait to learn more about plants and other natural things!

There you have it. Over the month of February this crew will be hard at work designing art projects, taking care of social media, photography, organizing, and planning projects. Make sure to keep an eye open especially on our social media channels as the students will be posting updates on their progress over on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and maybe they’ll show us how to use Snap Chat too!

Keeler Gardens along with our interns would like to thank two of our partners, Backlot Coffee and LaVilla, as they have been subsidizing and donating food and coffee for our interns throughout the month.

If you would like to learn more about Chicago Tech and their internship program you can email me directly at

Please come out and visit us and our interns at Keeler Gardens, and take the time to #ConnectWithNature today.

Six seniors from Chicago Tech Academy pose on the front steps of Keeler Gardens for a photo. All are smiling even though it is cold and the snow is over a foot deep.
Six interns from Chicago Tech take a break to pose for a group shot.


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