New Developments

Even on the first day of winter there is a lot to do.  Two big projects have come up and they are both very exciting.

Locally, I am working with the Clark Park Advisory Council on the Richard Clark Park Framework Plan.  The goal of this plan is to “create a long-term plan for Richard Clark Park. . .”  You can view the entire framework at, and see existing pictures and the concept plan on the last page.  I am working to develop a community/sustainability garden that will be added to the concept plan.  We do have some interested groups and I have many resources to tap in the area to develop a feasible and ecologically profitable design.  It seems at this point I am the horticultural expert and have been graciously welcomed to the Advisory Council.  We meet once a month to discuss ideas and progress and by January’s meeting I plan to have a community/sustainability garden outline/plan ready to present.  I’ll keep you updated on those developments.

The second project is connected to The Home Depot and Miracle-Gro Gardenieres program.  Miracle-Gro wants to utilize the Gardenieres concept in a short series of commercials for HGTV, that’s the Home and Garden Network!  So, I have been promoted from online series correspondent to cable TV commercial talent!  Filming is tentatively scheduled for the last week in January, and I will probably start working on designs in the next week or so.

Once again I will keep you updated with all new developments and of course comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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