“Stay Tuned”

So it’s day three of filming and so much has been going on.

My day starts with whatever I need to get going. Today it was white chocolate mocha. On set they have all kinds of snacks and a catered lunch. And they have special flavored water just for me.

I have a wardrobe and makeup team. Can you believe it, a whole team. So we decide what works best for the shot and also makes me look great. Then the makeup artist, Deb Garcia makes me look like a movie star, which makes sense because I am.

I’ve taped interviews where I get to go on and on about so many things in my garden and about my experience. I’m considered the expert on set!

Then Chris and I do our working scenes which are really easy and so much fun. We have a banter going that keeps everyone laughing and we work well together because we both love the work so much. There were times when the director told us to slow down cause we got to work and we forgot we were on film. I’ve been reminded repeatedly that I don’t need to concentrate or work so hard.

I’ve also gotten a lot of great compliments. Jason, the director of photography or DP, and Jerry, also behind the camera, keep telling me that I am doing a great job – natural, animated, compelling, captivating, knowledgeable, passionate, attractive, and inspiring are some of the specifics. Danny, the Executive Producer, is also incredibly pleased with my performance.

So I’m due soon for today’s round of interviews and then tomorrow is some final shots and I’m on my way home Friday.

I am in a full page ad about these commercials in HGTV’s magazine too. The first ad is in the March issue, available sometime in February. I’m going to get a bunch of copies to show everyone. There will be two more ads, one in March and one in April.

More updates to follow. As we say on set – “Stay tuned”


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