Garden Festival, Spring 2019

In the background, the Festival Blooms display at Epcot is spread across a strip of grass above a lagoon. The display is pink, magenta, red, orange and yellow, and is made in the shapes of stars, suns, and the Mickey Mouse logo. In the foreground, green hosta leaves edged with contrasting white are mixed in with dianthus, little hot pink flowers with fringed petals clustered at the ends of long, thin stalks.

Keeler Gardens Visits the 2019 Epcot® International Flower & Garden Festival

In the background, the Festival Blooms display at Epcot is spread across a strip of grass above a lagoon. The display is pink, magenta, red, orange and yellow, and is made in the shapes of stars, suns, and the Mickey Mouse logo. In the foreground, green hosta leaves edged with contrasting white are mixed in with dianthus, little hot pink flowers with fringed petals clustered at the ends of long, thin stalks.
Festival Blooms Display

Saturday, May 4, 2019, through Saturday, May 11, 2019


Join Keeler Gardens for a week at one of the most extraordinary flower and garden festivals in the country: the Epcot® International Flower and Garden Festival at Walt Disney World! This isn’t your typical flower and garden show. It offers an unimaginable collection of gardens, themes, and interactions, and we’re incredibly excited to be able to offer this opportunity to our community.

Keeler Gardens has been attending the Epcot® International Flower and Garden Festival for many years, gathering knowledge that we will now be sharing with you over one very special week. Let us guide you through the many gardens on display, allowing us to educate you on all the magical details that will truly connect you with the plants and people of this enchanting special event.

In the center of the picture, a white peacock butterfly with spread wings rests on a cluster of spiky, light orange and dark red milkweed flowers. The butterfly is a pale brown with three dark brown spots on each wing and several rows of rusty orange and dark brown stripes around the wavy edges of the wings.
Butterfly on Milkweed

As your hosts, Keeler Gardens will be at your disposal for guided tours during a portion of each day, with your late afternoons and evenings free to take advantage of all Disney has to offer. Every stop will impart an appreciation for the many different displays, cultures, and hidden gems throughout the festival and beyond. We will immerse you in butterflies, visit each country in the World Showcase, and explore Disney’s environmental commitment. We will also offer suggestions and tips for maximizing your enjoyment of Walt Disney World.

Keeler Gardens has partnered with Vacation Village at Parkway in Kissimmee and Michelle Buchecker at DreamFinder Travel for an excellent offer on accommodations and theme park tickets. Stay in an apartment-like unit with a full kitchen, bath, king bed, and laundry facilities, just a 10-minute ride from Walt Disney Resort property. Along with the comfort of these unique rooms, you will have the luxury of a pool, hot tub, and sun deck.

Tour Details

Package includes:

▪ One-bedroom unit for seven nights

▪ 7-day pass with Park Hopper, to offer the most flexibility (ages 10 and up)

▪ Keeler Gardens knowledge, expertise, and our personal attention as we guide you through your festival experience

▪ Welcome Reception

▪ Keeler Gardens Tour Kit

Package price is $965 per person, based on double occupancy.

In one section of the Terracotta Garden at the 2016 Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival, Italian terracotta pots overflow with blooms. In the front pot is white sweet alyssum and light pink New Guinea impatiens. In the pots just behind are tall blue and purple stalks of blooming salvia mixed with bright red dianthus, and far in the back hot pink New Guinea impatiens and two-tone pink geraniums. Along the bottom of the picture are more stalks of salvia, and deep blue petunias.
The Terra Cotta Garden

To reserve your package through Keeler Gardens, contact Gina at

A nonrefundable deposit of $250 will be due upon booking to confirm your accommodations. Final payment will be due within one month of booking.

Prices are subject to change until paid in full.

Guests will be responsible for their own airfare, transportation, and meals. There is limited daily transportation available from the hotel to the Walt Disney World Resort.

If you have any questions about the packages, options, or the festival please contact Gina at

“Stay Tuned”

So it’s day three of filming and so much has been going on.

My day starts with whatever I need to get going. Today it was white chocolate mocha. On set they have all kinds of snacks and a catered lunch. And they have special flavored water just for me.

I have a wardrobe and makeup team. Can you believe it, a whole team. So we decide what works best for the shot and also makes me look great. Then the makeup artist, Deb Garcia makes me look like a movie star, which makes sense because I am.

I’ve taped interviews where I get to go on and on about so many things in my garden and about my experience. I’m considered the expert on set!

Then Chris and I do our working scenes which are really easy and so much fun. We have a banter going that keeps everyone laughing and we work well together because we both love the work so much. There were times when the director told us to slow down cause we got to work and we forgot we were on film. I’ve been reminded repeatedly that I don’t need to concentrate or work so hard.

I’ve also gotten a lot of great compliments. Jason, the director of photography or DP, and Jerry, also behind the camera, keep telling me that I am doing a great job – natural, animated, compelling, captivating, knowledgeable, passionate, attractive, and inspiring are some of the specifics. Danny, the Executive Producer, is also incredibly pleased with my performance.

So I’m due soon for today’s round of interviews and then tomorrow is some final shots and I’m on my way home Friday.

I am in a full page ad about these commercials in HGTV’s magazine too. The first ad is in the March issue, available sometime in February. I’m going to get a bunch of copies to show everyone. There will be two more ads, one in March and one in April.

More updates to follow. As we say on set – “Stay tuned”


Annuals For Your Summer Display

Back from our travels we found so many wonderful plants to share with you.  Make sure you click on the pictures to really see the plants up close.  These plants were all found at The Berkshire Botanical Garden in Stockbrigde, Massachusetts.  This post will cover annuals you can use for a display garden. We will talk about perennials in the next post.

This display is extraordinary and really it is just two different plants. The yellow-brown foliage is Ipomoea, the sweet potato vine, yes, like the kind you eat. This variety is ‘Sweet Caroline Bronze’, offering that wonderful color. We often see the green ‘Marguerite’ and dark ‘Blackie’ varieties filling up pots and window boxes. Now you know another variety to add some new color. There are three purple plants in here too, all of which are Ageratum. By using three different varieties you get different heights and colors. For a tall blue plant you might choose the ‘Blue Horizon Tall’ variety. For the shorter blue try ‘Blue Hawaii’. For the rich violet purple color on the right try ‘Purple Fields’ or ‘Artist Purple’.

Falling out of this container with tons of bright pink flowers is Portulaca ‘Pazazz’. What a brilliant display of flowers for the summer. Put this in a pot on your steps or porch and enjoy the flowers every time you walking in and out your door.

This sweet little ground cover with its rich foliage and bright yellow flowers is Oxalis spiralis ‘Burgundy’. Again, adding interest and color to the garden with its colorful foliage. This one could be up in front at the edges of a garden bed to keep it visible.

For something really different and truly amazing you might consider the spiny tomato plant in these pictures. This is Solanum quitoense, aka ‘Bed of Nails’, and it is a defensive plant to say the least. All along the burgundy veins of the large green leaves you will find these sharp, pointy spikes. In my excitement and awe of this plant I learned quickly how sharp these spikes are! This would make a really interesting addition to a specimen garden. For those not familiar with the term “specimen” that means that you have a plant in a visible location specifically because it is great to look at, especially up close.

Plants can be ornamental and functional too. Take this Opal Basil plant…look at the color it will add to your herb garden or even to a pot, and it has a full and rich scent and flavor, much like the green variety.

So there you have some exciting annuals for bright summer display in beds and containers.  Stay tuned for the next post on perennials that will offer enjoyment year after year.  As usual, any comments or questions are encouraged!


btw – Thanks to my husband, Ed, for his excellent photos.