The Beauty of Pollination

A garden offers us color and scent and a connection with the amazing wonders of nature.  Sometimes we see nature at work — with a pollen covered bee or a butterfly landing on a sweet-smelling flower.  These are not rare occurrences; it’s just the capturing of them that is rare.  Imagine being able to see a hummingbird drinking nectar, or pollen shaken out of a flower.  You are in luck…

Follow this link  to hear Louie Schwartzberg speak for a few minutes on the wonder of nature, and to watch part of his film “Wings of Life: A Love Story That Feeds the Earth”. You can learn more about him at his website

I take no credit for this post.  I give all the credit to my mother, who sent me an incredible video; the filmmaker, Louie Schwartzberg, for his inspirational words and vision; and to the natural world around us offering such wonder in will take your breath away.

Just watch the video.  There is nothing I can say that can surpass the awe you will experience.

Until next time,


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