The Evolution of a Garden Featuring Keeler Gardens

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Keeler Gardens was fortunate to be the feature of a discussion on the transformation of a city space into an urban oasis. The presentation was almost an hour long and included some wonderful before and after imagery, along with some of the why’s and how’s of the garden’s evolution.  Today we have for you the audio track of that presentation and a link to the actual “slide show”, so if you wanted to follow along you can.  We will update this post once we have synchronized the audio and slide show.

If you would just like to listen we included here in the post a few of the images from the presentation to give you some of the visuals.

Very soon we will be adding a page to our website that will take you through the transformation, image by image, a permanent addition to our website that can be enjoyed for the experiences, and as a continued view into how Keeler Gardens grows every season.

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