This is it. The Beginning.

You can say you were here when it all started.  The flowers, the embellishments, the excitement, the wonder and awe of life through my eyes.  Spend some time with me at the Keeler Gardens.

So we’ll start with a bunch of wonderful pictures, mostly taken by Ed.  That’s my husband, and website manager, and all around worker bee.  He does a lot of my grunt work so you will get to know him as well as me and our garden.

Enjoy these snapshots and please comment.  Come back often as I will post and talk and offer up whatever I can to inspire you to create a little wonder in your life.  If there is anything you want to see or know, email me at

-Gina the Gardeniere

btw you can call me GG.

One Reply to “This is it. The Beginning.”

  1. Beautiful garden. I saw you on Gina’s Chicago Garden on Youtube. I was quite impressed. You have a wonderful passion for gardening as evidenced in your video. I look forward to additional postings of your work.

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