Volunteer with Keeler Gardens

Volunteer Opportunities

Are you interested in volunteering at Keeler Gardens?  We have many volunteer opportunities for adults and youth, and we support students working on service learning hours, too. Please read our needs list and see if we have an opportunity you would like to take advantage of.  Along with service to your community, you will learn something new, and spend your time in a wonderful setting.


On-site Needs

Here are some areas in which we can use volunteers on-site at Keeler Gardens:

Pollinator Habitat-Keeler Gardens is building a pollinator habitat and needs help managing the preparation, installation, and maintenance of the space. Every season offers new opportunities to connect with nature: planting, adjusting the soil, and regular maintenance.

Hummingbird Garden-Keeler Gardens has dedicated a space specifically for hummingbirds. Help us make sure they have the food and water they need, and can find the garden from high above.

Rose Garden-Keeler Gardens has several areas featuring roses and each plant needs pruning, fertilizing, deadheading, and mulching throughout the year. Share your love of roses with us.

Plant Health-Throughout the year Keeler Gardens offers all our plants the opportunity to thrive. This takes regular monitoring and care. Help support a complete, dedicated program that will connect you with nature as you care for a myriad of plant species.

Soil Research-As a demonstration site for the Bionutrient Food Association we follow protocols to rebuild soil for truly health plants. Help us monitor changes in soil, plant structure, and nutrient density.

Seasonal Maintenance-There is always something to do at Keeler Gardens, any time of year finds us staying connected with nature with simple tasks and large projects.

Design Development-Palette gardens, bird houses, upcycling, and more. Help Keeler Gardens design and build unique additions to the space.


Fundraising Assistance

Fundraising assistance is needed in the following areas:

Corporate Sponsorship Program-Help us win consistent funding from companies that are committed to supporting Keeler Gardens.

Google AdWords Campaign-Help Keeler Gardens build a presence with a special opportunity offered from Google.  If you know how to make the most of Google AdWords, we could use your expertise.

Event Planning-Keeler Gardens is a fantastic venue for events to support the community. If you enjoy throwing a great party we could really use your help.

Materials Acquisitions/Management-We have been fortunate to receive generous gifts-in-kind from many donors, and we still have more needs. If you can organize our existing supplies and help us acquire more we would be very grateful.


Supporting Roles

Supporting roles are critical and we need help with:

Volunteer Management-As we build our volunteer program we will need a manager to assist with scheduling and supervision.

Champion Outreach-Are you passionate about connecting with nature? Can you find others with the same passion? We need you and them to further Keeler Gardens’ mission.

Marketing Materials Development-Help us tell the community about Keeler Gardens in a variety of creative ways.

Blog/Article Composition-Do you enjoy writing, learning, and sharing. Keeler Gardens could greatly benefit from regular contributions to our blog.

Photography/Videography-Use your talent with a camera to document the goings-on at Keeler Gardens.

Building Projects-With a myriad of supplies and possibilities Keeler Gardens needs help utilizing all the pieces and parts and creating something special.

If you are interested in volunteering take a moment to fill out this quick questionnaire. Also stay up to date by following us on our Facebook Page, @KeelerGardens, and sign up for our newsletter, What’s Growing On.