Winter Planning

It’s the middle of winter and so much is going on! As you know I had an incredibly successful trip to San Diego filming a Gardenieres commercial series with HGTV.  I have some great news about the next shoot!  I would love to tell everyone in person so if you want to wait for a face-to-face don’t scroll to the end.  If you can’t wait, go to the end of the post for the big news!

Winter is a great time to do your garden planning, getting ready for the spring and summer activity.  I’ve been working on plans and rendering for my certificate from the Chicago Botanic Garden. Here’s a picture of what a rendering looks like in process…

Rendering Project

Given a basic layout you can take any space and design the garden of your dreams.  You can do a free-hand drawing in your journal or a formal line drawing that is to scale using a T-square on large paper.  Use circles for trees and shrubs and color in areas that will be annuals or perennials.  If you want lots of detail you can color in the lawn area with green and the ground cover with yellow.  You can mark out hedges too, use a darker green for those.  You can also include hardscapes like pavers and fountains, and even furniture and potted plants.  You can get a great feel for what the garden will look like, and you can make changes until it is exactly what you want.  Start with a general layout, don’t get into specifics.  Once it feels right then you can start thinking about the plants and characteristics you want to include.

A garden that I want to plan for myself is a traditional medicinal herb garden.  I use herbs for cooking, and those I have in pots on the deck near the kitchen door.  Out in the garden I want another area with Comfrey, Sticklewort, Chamomile, Valerian, Betony, Belladonna, Foxglove, Bloodroot, and Horehound.  Even the names sound old and mysterious.  All of these plants have a history of medicinal value.  I will find a space and plan a layout based on the size and habit of each plant.  I’ll obtain the plants and install them adding a few companions for color if needed.  It’s that easy.  Think about a garden you want to plant and make a plan.  Send me pictures of your ideas and the finished product.  If you need help let me know!

Ok, now for the big news…. Drum-roll please…….I have been invited to film another Gardenieres video at Disney World! Can you believe it – Disney World!  As soon as I have more details I will let you all know.  This is incredibly exciting for me, I can’t wait to get more info and pass it along.

As always questions, comments, send them along.  I’m here for you all.


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