May Flowers at Keeler Gardens

So we are taking a walk through the gardens again.  It’s mid-may and we have Ajuga in bloom, tulips making a relatively graceful exit, and the peonies are on their way.  You may have seen this video live on Facebook, when we featured the front gardens in bloom.

This is the premier of the second video though, of the rear gardens, where the poppies are budding along with the many roses we hope to show you in a few weeks.  There are many spring blooms to see, now, and in the upcoming days.  Stay tuned for more…


Sprout the Titan Arum at the Chicago Botanic Garden

We recently visited Sprout, the newest star of the Chicago Botanic Garden’s titan arum display.  We were fortunate to catch a couple of videos of CBG staff collecting pollen from Sprout’s male flowers.  Pollen will be stored, frozen actually, so it can remain viable for about two years, and will be used to pollinate future titan arum female flowers.

If you missed the show at the Chicago Botanic check back here for more videos of Sprout in bloom and Alice in fruit.

Keeler Gardens, Spring 2016

Late last week we did a live stream feed of the spring show here in the front garden at Keeler Gardens.  We also filmed a video of the back garden, which is more a preview of what’s to come this summer.  Take a look at the videos and we will post some images soon.