Midwest Gardeniere Update

Hey everyone!  A quick update on my work as the Midwest Gardeniere.  As you all know I was in San Diego shooting a commercial series for HGTV.  You will find a full page advertisement about this series featuring me and Chris Lambton in the HGTV Magazine.  The ads are in the March, April, and May issues coinciding with when the commercials will air.  The March issue is available now if you want to check it out.

I will be traveling to Disney World for a Gardenieres shoot in mid March, and will also be shooting some other scenes for Scotts.

And there is a new video out, a montage of many of the videos we have filmed already.  You will see in this video my co-star Jay Harris from the Home Depot.  We had such fun filming last spring I hope we will see more of Jay.

So take a look at the new video and tell me what you would like to see in future blogs.  We are going to be trying out a new format, using videos in many of the posts.  As always, comments and suggestions are encouraged!


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