Windy City Coop Tour

Hey Everyone,

We deviate from the garden to talk about chicken coops.  Yes, chicken coops.  There is a growing group of people that are actually raising chickens in the Chicagoland area.  This weekend a bunch enthusiasts will open their coops for a tour.  You can go to the website,, to learn all about their network, keeping city chickens, and informational links.

You will also find all the details for the tour including a map and contact information.  So if you are free Saturday or Sunday, you might want to fly the coop! (I had to use the joke)

We are really excited because a friend of ours is a stop on this tour and we hope to go and visit her little chickadees on Sunday.  It’s really quite extraordinary that they’ll have fresh buttery eggs from their back yard in the middle of the city.  We may have to stop for an omelet.

Stay tuned for our development series, as we take a grassy front yard and transform it into a garden paradise.

See you next time,


btw – Thanks to Alice for the heads up on the tour and we wish her good luck this weekend.

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